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Generally, our office is pleased to offer complimentary initial consultations.

We want people to have a honest evaluation of their realistic options and the ways in which we can help. Sometimes, we may have to tell people that we cannot help them.  We will always provide you with an honest evaluation based upon our legal expertise in this area.

However, there are a few instances where we will have to charge for a consultation.

Consultations involving Complex Issues and/or Fact Patterns

We do have to charge to consult on complex cases that will require considerable legal research or document review and/or in-depth legal analysis in order to really provide you quality advice.  Examples of types of cases that might fall under a paid consultation category include:

  • Cases that are on appeal; and/or
  • You are already represented by another attorney and looking for a second opinion; and/or
  • Cases that involve criminal convictions and/or charges

Consultations for DIY Review

Alternatively, if you have chosen to prepare your own immigration paperwork but you would like to get a professional legal opinion on a specific issue or point before filing, we will charge a consultation fee.  

Once we take a look at your matter, we will let you know if it can be covered by a complimentary consultation or not.

  • “Thanks for all.  You were there to support us being a good lawyer and a friend.”

  • “Thank you again…and we really appreciate your great help thus far. We will definitely refer your name if any of our friends need your services.”

  • “Angela, just wanted to thank you and congratulate you on a great job you did for us.  To you this may have been another day at work but to me it meant my freedom. Thank you so much.”

  • “La Abogada Angela Suh me ayudo con mi caso de emigracion.  Yo sentia que mi caso era muy dificil de ganar porque yo ya tenia deportacion y ella gano mi caso.  Ella fue muy amable con migo y con mis hijos.  Yo pude comunicarme con ella porque ella habla y entien muy bien mi idioma espanol.  Es un abogada muy Buena y gana casos dificiles.”

  • “Thank you for all of your hard work on my father’s case.  We were blessed to have you as our attorney.”

  • “Angela, We can thank you enough for all your help.  Wow!  J and I want to say thank you, thank you.  From me a special thank you.  (Yes, I received my card last week).  Thank you.”

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